Formatting your hard drive with exFAT is a great way to make it usable between both Windows and OS X. If you want to back up with Time Machine but access your backup from Windows, it's

Mar 29, 2010 Time Machine and NTFS | MacRumors Forums Jul 18, 2009 HFS+ for Windows by Paragon Software| Explore files on No, Time Machine volumes are not supported. They can be opened only using the corresponding application on macOS. I frequently work with NTFS, HFS+, APFS-formatted partitions on … Time Machine and backing up in Catalina – The Eclectic

How to Use a Time Machine Drive for Both File Storage and

Time Machine can only store backups on a HFS+ filesystem. To use it over NFS you have to create a virtual filesystem in the NFS directory – it is called a sparse bundle. The HFS+ sparse bundle is a group of files (8MB each), that can be mounted by OS X and used as a regular hard drive (it is similar to a .dmg file). It is called “sparse

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